Jul 212014

Most of us studied punctuations long time back. As time progressed, punctuation errors started to sneak into our writing. Punctuation is one of the most ignored areas in English usage. We either feel we are good at it and make no mistakes, or we feel punctuation does not have much impact on outcome of writing. But [...]

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Jul 212014
Book Review: Write to Sell

“Write to Sell: The Ultimate Guide to Great Copywriting” is a Guide to write great sales copies. Primary objective of the book is to help readers become better sales writers. The book aims to achieve this objective in a very crisp and clear manner.

Jun 032014

Both Index mutual fund and Exchange Traded Fund are excellent way for individual stock holders to buy and hold a basket of securities at a low cost, however there are differences that one must consider before deciding on MF or ETF.

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Feb 242014

Everyone wants to pick quality stocks at low price, so she can make money in stock market. There are multiple theories on how to pick stocks and multiple indicators can be used. There are no sure ways to pick stocks, but you can consider following indicators to shortlist stock.

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Feb 052014

OCI or Open Catalogue interface is the interface between SAP SRM and external or punch out catalogue. The interface is used to connect SAP SRM to supplier’s website. Once connection is established, requesters can use punch out catalogue just like internally hosted catalogue and buy items from supplier.

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Feb 052014

Contract Management in SAP SRM helps companies with effectively managing contracts throughout the life starting from activities before contracts are created such as negotiating terms, execution and monitoring of contracts while they are active and storing for future reference once contracts have expired.

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Jan 182014

There is probably no one that is quoted (and misquoted) more than Warren Buffet on investing. Unfortunately lot of it is not correct. So, I decided to listen to several of Warren Buffet’s interviews and here are key nuggets of Warrant Buffet’s wisdom.

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