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Craigslist is a mirror of our Community

According to Techcrunch article this morning, somebody posted to sell everything in an Oregon house on Craigslist. It turns that it was an evil act. The house belonged to Robert and the ad was posted while Robert was away. People took his belongings including his horse. When he arrived home people even refused to return the stuff showing ad printout. Techcrunch discusses the possibility of getting Craigslist to pay settlement. But there is more to look into.

There is no doubt that Craigslist should look into the issue and take measures to stop fraud postings. But there is always technology side and there is always people side. I think first thing is that everybody who took his stuff should return it back. Technology is always as good or evil as people side. We can use guns to keep our society safe or we can use guns for criminal activity. Craigslist makes easy for us to communicate. We can use the tool for any kind of communication. I hope that there is more good than evil in the society and everybody will return the stuff.


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