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Tips for using Google Trends efficiently

Google Trends is Web tool that allows everybody to get access to Google Search database to decipher and compare popular search term. You can also see what is trending on the web.

Here are the key things you can do with Google Trends

  • You can display and compare search volume for your requested terms (Example – Google vs yahoo).

  • Popularity is then broken down by Region (Countries), and Cities.

  • Google trends also shows news to help you understand what caused sudden increase in search volume.

  • You can also choose time period to restrict your analysis to only last 30 days, last year etc.

  • You can export data in spreadsheet and perform further analysis.

  • The tool show related searches which includes related topics and related queries. You can see related searches by popularity (top searches) and by rise in interest.

 What are hot trends?

Hot trend is a feature of Google trends that shows top 100 search terms for today. Google chooses these terms based on sudden increase in popularity. This information is updated hourly. Hot trend is great way to find what’s popular now. You can also go back in time to see what the popular terms on any given historical day were. For any search term, related searches and search volume are shown. News, Blog posts and search results are also presented to give you a context why a search term might be hot suddenly.

Tips for using Google trends effectively

  • To compare terms, separate them by comma. (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft). You can also use “+Add Term” feature.

  • To exclude a term from search, use minus sign. (Search - Google).

  • To restrict search to specific order, use quotation marks. (“Ice Hockey”)

  • To include either/or condition, use plus sign (Google + Yahoo). This could be especially helpful to check for words with different spelling (Color + Colour).


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