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Best Free Online Storage Space Services to backup files

Online storage is great way to save your files on web server. You will have a back up of your files in case your local drive crashes. You have the advantage of accessing file anywhere with access to internet. Here are few services to look at

SkyDrive – SkyDrive is free web storage service from Microsoft. SkyDrive provides 25 GB of free storage. You need windows live id to access the service. Just like all other windows live services, you can use standard or enhanced security (http or https) to logon.

ADrive – ADrive provides 50 GB of free storage. You do not get secured access with free account. Secured access and other cool features such as desktop access, multiple sessions etc comes at the monthly price. provides a free lite account that comes with 1 GB space and host of other paid accounts.

BOXSTR – provides 5 GB of free storage. provides 2 GB of free storage. You need a paid account, if you ant more. Secured access is provided. provides 6 GB of free space and option of paid account for more space. – humyo provides 10 GB of free space and option of adding more storage.

Storegate – It provides 2 GB free storage and option of paid account for more storage.

Other than these there are many more paid services for online backup.

While you might still prefer local storage for your digital storage needs, there will always be risk of loosing the data if something happen to  the local storage. With many of these services providing free storage of few GBs, you should atleast store your most critical data on line.

Carefully look at your need and choose a service that fits the need. Price, Secure access, company brand, overall storage and individual file sizes should all pay a key role while deciding the service.


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