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GMAT Sentence Correction – Quick Guide

Sentence Correction is one of the three areas tested in GMAT Verbal section. This quick reference guide will help you prepare for GMAT Verbal Sentence Correction Section.

Types of errors tested

  1. Subject and verb should be in agreement. Look for Modifier, Phrases and clauses after subject to keep verb away from subject, Subject joined by conjunction (either/or and neither/nor), verb preceding subject, collective nouns.

  2. Modifier should be close to the word it is modifying. Look for sentences beginning or ending with long phrase, That/which clause, Adjective modifies noun, Adverb modifies verbs or adjective. A modifier at the start of the sentence should modify the word following it. A modifier in the middle or at the middle/end should modify the word preceding it.

  3. Pronouns must agree (in number, person and gender) with antecedent noun and must agree with only one noun. Look for pronouns specially it and they. Pronoun should also be in correct form (Subject, Object, Possessive).

  4. Use proper sequence of tenses. Look for -ing verbs (not preferred) and the several sentences and clauses conveying sequence of events.

  5. Parallelism – Keep similar items in sentence in same grammatical form. Look for list of items and expressions/phrases/clauses with two or more items connected by conjunction.

  6. Compare like things. Look for comparison words such as like, as, less than, more than etc.

  7. Sentence should be idiomatically correct.

  8. Avoid Redundancy, wordiness, and changed meaning in answer choice.


  • Read whole sentence with a focus on underlined part.

  • Look for errors in underlined part.

  • Eliminate choices until you are left with only one correct choice.

SC Tips

  • First choice is repeat of question stem, don't waste time reading

  • Shorter is better. Clear and concise sentence is preferred. If confused between two choices, choose shorter sentence.

  • Many sentence will contain more than one error.

  • If you have to pick between two choices, pick the one with most elements common with other choices.


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