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Convert your PC into a WiFi hotspot for free

If you have internet connection that you want to share with others wirelessly without using a wireless router, then you need a way to use your PC as Wifi hotspots. Here are 4 ways you can achieve this.

Using Windows Adhoc Network Facility

You can use Windows ad hoc network facility to create a wifi hotspot. The technique uses wireless network card, so this will work with all type of internet connections as long as wireless network card is available. The connections include cable, dsl, mobile connections, 3G, 4G etc.

  • Go to control panel and select "Network and sharing center" option.

  • Click on "Set up a connection or network".

  • Select "Set up a wireless ad hoc network".

  • Follow the instruction. Choose a network name, security (WPA2 preferred), and security key (password). Select "Save the network".

  • Enable internet connection sharing.

You have created a wireless network, you can share it with others.

Using Wi-Fi Hotspot Creator

WiFi Hotspot creator is free software that allows PC internet to be shared with other wifi devices.
Simply install the software and follow the steps.

  • Give name and password for your network.

  • Choose the internet connection you wish to share from the list of available connections (Most likely you have one only internet connection, so this should be easy).

  • Start the WiFi hotspot.

Share the network name and password with others. It works just like a wireless router.

Using Open Source Virtual Router

Virtual router is a free open source software, anyone can use, to turn PC internet into a wifi hotspot.

  • Once you have installed Virtual router, Provide a name and password for your network.

  • Share the name and password with anyone who wish to use your internet connection.

  • Software uses WPA2 encryption for security.

Virtual router also allows you to keep track of people connected to your network.

Using Connectify

Connectify is very simple to use tool to create wifi hotspot from existing internet connection. The connection can be any internet connection including cable, DSL, 3G, 4G etc.

  • Install Connectify on your PC.

  • Provide a password.

  • Select internet connection you wish to share. Connectify automatically identifies internet connections and provide options.

  • Start hot spot.

After this, it works like any other wireless router. You can share name and password of hotspot, so others can use the connection.

You can also buy PRO version where you get additional functionality such as ability to choose a name of the network. Free version does not support some of the networks such as 3G and Mobile network. You would need to buy the PRO version if you need to use these functionalities and networks.


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