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How to Avoid Eye Strain from Your Computer Screen

Most of us work on computer all day long these days. It is important to make sure readability on screen is good to avoid eye strain. There are several ways to improve readability on your desktop monitor or laptop.

Check lighting

Lighting should be kept low when you are working on the computer. The bright sunlight from window or from the interior lighting should be kept to minimum. So, try to cover windows by drapes and keep your overhead light switched off while working on PC.

Avoid Glare

Glare on your monitor from light sources is another reason for eye strain. So, check if something is causing glare on the screen and cover it.


Prefer using LCD screen over CRT monitor. LCD screens have anti reflective surface and do not have as much flicker as CRT monitor.

Adjust Brightness, Contrast and Text size

Brightness and Contrast should be adjusted, so that you feel comfortable reading. As a check, if white portion looks like a light source, it is too bright. So, you would need to adjust brightness. Similarly, Contrast should not be too low and too high.

Adjust ClearType text

MS Windows provide a tool to improve readability on LCD screen. Go thru the tool and adjust settings to improve readability and reduce eye strain. ClearType text improve the resolution of text using sophisticated technology.

Calibrate Display Color

You can use Window’s Display Color Calibration to set optimum color settings. You can adjust gamma (the relationship among red, blue, and green color and light emitted from these colors). Gamma controls how colors look on your screen. You can also set optimum brightness, contrast, and color balance using the function.

Adjust working style

  • Take frequent breaks.

  • Blink more often.

  • Exercise your eyes (for example looking far away from screen for few seconds)

  • Adjust your desk or chair so that you are looking down when you are looking at screen.


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