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5 Things I love about Google Analytics

If you are running a website, than Google Analytics is the web analytics tool that you should every day. Here are top five reasons I absolutely love Google Analytics.

1. Power to users

Google Analytics has really put power in the hands of users. While Google Analytics works great out of the box, Users have huge control over the use. For example, Auto alerts functionality works great. But users can change importance and frequency of alerts. There are great standard reports. But most of the reports can be customized further to suit the need.

2. Simple and Intuitive interface

Unlike many other Analytics tools, Google Analytics is simple and intuitive. Google has chosen to deliver few out of the box reports, for example. But users can create any report they want using again a very intuitive custom report wizard. Auto alerts work great, but Google has chosen not to cram a huge number of alerts. But users can manage custom alerts and create any alert.

3. Customizability

One of the most loved features is customization options. Users can create any report I want using any dimension and metric. Users can create any alert using any dimension and metric. Users can add dashboard widgets from any report, any metric. Google has chosen to keep standard functionality simple and easy, but has pumped lot of power in customization functionality. Standard reports, while very powerful, is just the tip of the iceberg and should be seen as an example of reporting functionality. User can create any report from any dimensions and metrics. Same approach should be applied to Alerts functionality.

4. No restriction on use of data

Many analytics tools limit use of dimensions and metrics in particular reports. Google Analytics has left the choice to users. While it is true that some dimensions and metrics will not make sense together, the choice of use has been left to users. Users are expected to be intelligent enough to know which combination to select.

5. One Data – Multiple delivery options

Google Analytics use same underlying data for all the information delivery options such as reports, dashboard, and alerts. Same set of dimensions and metrics are available in all the functionalities. This avoids the confusion and users can choose their preferred delivery option reports, dashboard or alert for any data they need.


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