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Make and Receive International Calls with PC and Internet?

Many times you want to call international numbers or buy and international number so people can call you at affordable rates. If you have internet connection, you can do this easily for very little impact on your wallet.

How to make international calls using internet?

Let us say you are visiting or living in UK or India and want to call US, Canada or any other country without spending huge money on it. If you have access to internet, you should be able to do this easily.

Simply, Sign up for Skype and buy Skype Credit. Now, download Skype messenger and you are ready to call most of international phone numbers using your PC.

While you can use your mobile phone or land line to call international numbers, there are many reasons to use Skype.

  • Skype will be cheaper than traditional phone calling for most phone numbers.

  • If you are visiting a foreign country, it avoids the hassle of buying a local phone to call. You can also avoid huge roaming charges if you use your own phone.

In fact, if you make lot of international calls even from your home country, you should consider switching to Skype for all your international calling needs. You will save lot of money. You can even consider switching from Skype Credit to Skype Subscription to save even more money.

Worried about credit being expired? Don't worry, Skype Credit never expires. You can keep them as long as you want. You can use remaining credits in you next trip if you use Skype during foreign trips.

How to buy an international phone number to receive calls on PC?

There are times you may want to provide a local number to people so they can call you for low or no cost. Let us say, you live in UK and want your friends and relatives in USA to be able to reach you without having to dial international numbers. You can buy a USA number and share it with people in USA, so people can call you at local US number.

You can use Skype to buy the phone number for number of countries. Simply, sign up for Skype, buy a Skype number in the country and state of your choice and share it with people. Download Skype and you are ready to receive calls at your US phone number.


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