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Alternative to Phone in/Phone out by Yahoo/Jajah Voice

On January 30 of 2013, Yahoo Messenger discontinued its Phone in (Phone to PC) and Phone Out (PC to Phone) services. I have checked several services that could fill the gap created by Yahoo.

Yahoo messenger provided three voice services until January 30, 2013 –

  1. PC to PC – This is the core service of Yahoo messenger (or any other messenger available). This is how it all started. Users create an id (Yahoo id), add others as contact (other messenger users) and call contacts for voice chat if they are available on messenger.

  2. PC to Phone – PC to Phone or Phone out service allows a user to call any mobile or land line number using messenger. It works like prepaid mobile phone. Users recharge the account and use it for calling internationally. Money is deducted based on the call rates for the country.

  3. Phone to PC – Phone to PC or Phone in service allows a user to convert Messenger into a phone. User can buy a phone number, which is then, attached to the Messenger User id. Anyone can call this number to reach out to the user.

PC to Phone and Phone to PC were introduced later by Yahoo and provided a very convenient way to call or receive call from people without the messenger access. However, both these services are now discontinued. Is there an alternative?

I have checked few services that could provide Phone in and Phone out services and Skype fulfils both the needs very well. You could, of course, completely replace Yahoo messenger with Skype for other needs as well.

  1. Skype to Skype – These are usual PC to PC calls.

  2. Calls to Mobile and land lines – You can buy Skype credit to replace Yahoo’s PC to Phone or Phone out service.

  3. Skype number – You can buy Skype number to replace Yahoo’s Phone to PC or Phone in service.


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