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List of Top Must Have WordPress Plugins

WordPress is already the most powerful Blogging Software. WordPress constantly adds new features with every release. But there are times you would need a feature which is not available in standard version of WordPress. No Problem. There are thousands of Plugin to fill the gap. Here is the list of important Plugins to help you get best of your Blogging time.

Redirection Plugin: Add 301 Redirects in WordPress

If you are moving Blog, changing pemalinks/URLs on WordPress blog, you need a plugin that can simplify adding redirections. Redirection plugin can really simplify the redirecting Blog posts and pages.

There are few features that make this plugin really powerful. The plugin can automatically add 301 redirect, if post’s URL changes. The plugin also reports 404 errors and generates feed for the 404 errors for easy monitoring. This way you can track any URL not redirected and redirect them.

AdSense Manager Plugin: Manage all ads in WordPress

AdSense Manager is a very powerful ad manager plugin for WordPress. The Plugin supports AdSense, Adpinion, AdRoll, AdBrite, CJ, Shopping Ads, WidgetBucks and any other HTML ad. Plugin is simple to use.

To add ads, you can use widget in your sidebar or a line of code in WordPress template. The plugin is specially useful if you want flexibility in where to add ad code in your posts and pages. This plugin makes adding code very easy. You can vary ad placement which can provide better click through rate and reduce ad blindness.

Google XML Sitemap Plugin: Submit Sitemap to Search Engines for WordPress Blog

XML-Sitemap plugin automatically generates sitemap for submission to Search Engines. Generated Sitemap supports Google, Yahoo, MSN and

The plugin is highly configurable. The plugin supports all wordpress generated pages and custom pages. You can assign different priorities to different pages. You can specify what content should be included in sitemap. If you are unsure, simply leave the default options.


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