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Save Time With These Tips and Tricks in SAP

SAP is complex software with thousands of transactions to know and settings to configure. If you are SAP consultant, these tips and tricks will save you save time.

How to view changes to Configurations in SAP

Config changes can be viewed in SPRO IMG menu, if the change log is activated for the table.

Go to the menu path in IMG and Click on Change Log or Click F7. Provide date range and execute. You should see all the config changes. You will need to be in the SPRO IMG menu (and not directly in the Config Tcode) to view change log.

How to copy configuration and changes between clients?

You can copy client specific changes from one client to other using transaction code SCC1.

You do not have to release the transport. Just go to SCC1 in target client, provide source client and transport request number, and changes will be copied. You can copy your changes from Config client to Development or testing client

How to transport Text modules in SAP

If you have created text module in SO10, it will not be transported automatically and you generally have to create text module in each client.

If you wish to transport Text module, you can execute the program RSTXTRAN (using tcode SA38 or SE38) to include text module in transport. Mention the transport, text module name and follow the steps to transport text module.

How to add transaction codes to favorites in SAP

If you use few transactions often, you may want to add these to your favourites menu. This will allow you trigger these transactions easily.

There are 2 ways you can use to add transactions to SAP favourites menu.

  1. If you already know tcode for the transaction, you can right-click on Favourite folder and click “Insert transaction”. Then enter the tcode (e.g. FS00). The transaction will be added to Favourites menu.

  2. If you do not know tocde for the transaction, you can go to the transaction and click “Add to favourite”. Transaction will be added to your favourite menu.


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