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Wikipedia Discussions – Leave Comments on Wikipedia Articles

It will be great if we could leave comments on Wikipedia articles and engage in the discussion. Is there  any way to do it? Wikipedia discussions (Also called Wikipedia talk Page) are great yet less known feature of Wikipedia. We can discuss article, read the discussion on the topic, suggest improvements on the article, and show agreement or disagreement over the topic presented. Reading discussion can point to areas that are not included in the article or are controversial to be included in the main article.
Take example of article on Mahatma Gandhi. Discussion (Talk Page) points to a few interesting points about why title was chosen “Mahatma Gandhi’ and not ‘‘Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’. The title has changed a few times. The Talk page shows the reasoning and discussion behind the change. Everybody can post comments in the discussion. One very interesting comment shows some research using Google book search.

a search for "Mahatma Gandhi" in the title of books resulted in 1293 books.

a search for "Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi" in the title of books resulted in 20 books. That's twenty books

Have you ever wondered why Wikipedia articles are so accurate? One of the reasons is these lively discussions. These discussions make sure articles are edited for a reason, and people are able to discuss the reasoning before editing the article. You can throw research, logic, reasoning and anything else that might help people gets convinced with your change.

Have you ever wondered why your edits to Wikipedia articles were removed? Leave a convincing comment in discussion page. Check if your comments are convincing and how people are responding to your comments. If your comments are not convincing enough, your change to Wikipedia article will not stick. People will promptly change it back.


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