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10 Different Types of Websites to Make Money Online

Most people think of blogs when they think of money making websites these days. But Blog is just one of the many different types of websites you can create to make money. What are others?

  1. Blog – Blogs are the most popular content websites these days. You choose a topic of your interest, and start writing different type of contents that people will like to read. If you have enough people reading your blog, you can monetize it using several methods. The most common method is advertising. But you can also sell your own products thru your blog.
  2. Product Review website – Review websites are very good for monetizing. Just before buying something, people check reviews. So, if you can share compelling reviews, you will provide value to your readers. Affiliate links work very well with review sites.
  3. Forum – Forums are very low maintenance sites once these are very popular. Create a forum around specific topic, make it popular by engaging users, and then earn money from advertising.
  4. Static/Niche website – You chose a niche topic and write few articles on the topic. If your site can become go to site for the topic, you can make money from advertising or affiliate products.
  5. Aggregate/Curate Content website – In this type of website, you get content from other websites and become go to place for a topic. Once lot of people see value in your website, you can make money from advertising, sponsored content or email subscriptions.
  6. Social network – If you can create a social community site that engages users, you can look to make money from the traffic.
  7. Paid Membership site – In this type of website, you charge people for using your site. You will have to find a topic where people are facing problem, and then provide so valuable content that people will pay for it.
  8. Web app/tool – You can create online application or tool that people need to use (e.g, income tax calculator or SEO analysis). You can then sell paid version of the app or make money from advertising.
  9. Commercial template websites – You can sell templates (e.g. premium WordPress themes) from your site. If you don’t want to create everything from scratch, you can use feed from other template website such as templates monster.
  10. eCommerce – You can create an eCommerce website and sell stuff. This could simply be a drop shipping website in a niche area, or a website to support your own offline retail business.
So, if you are looking to start a website, don’t just restrict your thinking to Blogs. While Blogs are certainly good option, there are many different types of sites you can choose from.


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