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Enterprise Digital Transformation: Top 10 Posts from Week of 25-Jun-2017

What are some of the levers executive can use to succeed in digital transformation? What are some of the emerging technologies you need to look at today to ensure success tomorrow? What is the impact of risk of cyber attack on pace of digital transformation? How can you handle multi-generational workforce? - We cover answers to these questions and much more in this week's coverage of enterprise digital transformation.
  1. Moving the discussion on digital transformation forward - Digital transformation should not be seen as a technology implementation, but a strategic shift. That's why leadership plays a much bigger role in taking a digital transformation discussion forward than the role technology plays.
  2. Forbes Insights-Alfresco Study Reveals 3 Levers For Digital Transformation - What are the levers business and tech can use to ensure success in digital world? Forbes Insights and Alfresco study based on a survey of 300 executives reveals three levers executives can use to come out as winner.
  3. Digital Transformation Starts with Customer Experience - Are you confused about how to get started with digital transformation? Well, put your customer at the center of your digital transformation journey and think what will delight them. T-Mobile and Hostelworld are two companies that started with customer focus and results they achieved will inspire you. 
  4. Digital transformation begins with a single step - Digital transformation can be overwhelming, but all it takes is to get started and then evolve over time. The more steps you take, the more data you would have for analysis and finding the correct steps for your organization.
  5. How small construction businesses are embracing digital transformation and boosting productivity - Construction business is usually not seen as a industry that embraces technology, but recent trends indicate that the industry is finally warming up to embrace digital to run efficiently.
  6. Collaboration is critical to successful digital transformation - While it is easy to get lost in all the buzzwords of digital technologies, transformation leaders need to keep reminding themselves that the breaking down departmental silos and collaborating across business functions is the key to successful digital transformation.
  7. Five emerging technologies for rapid digital transformation - Faster digital change require technologies that can handle the agility and use cases required for digital transformation. From Apache Spark to Puppet, take a look at five technologies that can supercharge the transformation journey.
  8. Cyber attacks and regulations don't change businesses' digital transformation plans - Security and data protection are the top concerns in the mind of executives as they embark on the journey to cloud, but a recent survey of 500 executives reveals that despite the concerns, executives are not willing to slow down their move to digital.
  9. North American Companies Are Investing in Big Data, ERP and IOT to Achieve Digital Transformation - A lot has been said about digital transformation and steps being taken by organizations, a recent survey shows that organizations are forging ahead by re-skilling the workforce, investing in digital tools and hiring digital talent.
  10. How To Drive Digital Transformation In A Multi-Generational Workforce - The faster pace of change in workplace is posing a challenge to organizations: how to help workers from different generations adapt the change? The article explores how to deal with this challenge.


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