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Enterprise Digital Transformation: Top 10 Posts from Month Ending 12-Nov-2017

What are some of the key trends to watch out for in automotive industry? Will fake news increase or decrease in future? Can AI replace humans in running governments? Can Disney disrupt itself and compete with Netflix and Amazon? – We look at answers to these questions and much more in this week’s coverage of digital transformation posts.
  1. 5 Automotive Trends to Watch in 2018 – Automotive industry is being transformed by digital trends. From Blockchain to connected cars, the post covers trends that will shape the industry in 2018.
  2. How machine learning protects your wallet and identity – Machine learning is changing the way we live our daily lives. While it comes with challenges around safety and privacy, companies like Arm can not only provide technology, but also provide guidance to solve these problems.
  3. The Future of Truth and Misinformation Online – With the advent of social media and increasing use of technology, the fake news is becoming more common and easier to spread. Will the fake news and misinformation increase or decrease in future?
  4. Stranger (Internet of) Things: A couple of factors to consider before making the investment – If you want to build a successful IoT solution, you need to choose right partners and avoid data overload to solve real business problems.
  5. Microsoft Wants To Use AI And Machine Learning To Discover A Cure For Cancer – AI and Machine Learning are poised to solve many problems. In a new research area, Microsoft has set up a lab to discover cure for cancer using AI and ML.
  6. GE Predix, an Industrial IoT Solution, is now Edge Analytics Enabled – Processing data at the Edge is critical to optimize IoT solution. GE Predix has now been enabled to analyze data at the Edge and transfer only relevant data to and from devices to optimize IoT solution.
  7. Could Governments Run By Artificial Intelligence Be A Good Thing? – AI has a lot of power to solve many complex problem. Can AI run governments better than humans?
  8. Data Sheet—Disney's Streaming Service Will Be One of the Great Self-Attacks of Our Time – Many companies have tried to revamp themselves by cannibalizing their businesses, but most of these companies have failed. Can Disney pull this off and make Data Sheet compete with Netflix and Amazon?
  9. How Blockchains Will Turn Supply Chains Into Demand Chains – Blockchain is showing lot of promise to transform supply chains. The potential of this disruptive technology will be truly realized when other technologies such as 3D printing matures further.
  10. 4 Pain Points of Big Data – Big data is key to transforming businesses during digital era, but using big data is not without problems. The post looks at the loop of using big data, potential pit falls and mitigation steps organizations can take. 


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