Oct 142012

UNSPSC is the acronym for “United Nations Standard Products and Services Code”.

UNSPSC was developed by UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) along with D&B corporation in 1998 to standardize product taxonomy and facilitate global eCommerce. Continue reading »

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Aug 192012

If you have internet connection that you want to share with others wirelessly without using a wireless router, you can use Windows ad hoc network facility to create a wifi hotspot. The technique uses wireless network card, so this will work with all type of internet connections as long as wireless network card is available. The connections includes cable, dsl, mobile connections, 3G, 4G etc. Continue reading »

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Mar 062011

There have been some key changes regarding Profit Center Accounting in SAP New G/L. PCA is integrated within GL eliminating need to manually reconcile GL with PCA. Profit Center tables GLPCT/GLPCA/GLPCP are no longer used. These have been replaced by new GL tables. Profit Center accounting scenario should be activated to take advantage of the newly enhanced functionality. Continue reading »

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