Feb 042008

If it takes long time for your PC to boot up, chances are that you have large number of programs in your start up folder. There are two ways to handle the issue.

  1. You can delete program shortcuts from your start up folder. The programs you delete from your start up folder will still exist in your PC, but these programs will not automatically start when you boot up your PC.
  2. Problem with pervious approach is that, you might delete unwanted program. Another approach you can take is disabling these programs from starting up. You can use MSCONFIG utility for this. In Windows Vista, enter MSCONFIG in ‘Start Search’. In Windows XP, go to Start –>Run, and then type MSCONFIG. Once MSCONFIG utility is opened, click on STARTUP tab and uncheck any unwanted msconfig 300x146 Block Startup programs in Windows imageprograms. Next time when you start your PC, these programs will be blocked from starting up. You can manually start programs. You can also unblock these programs by placing a check mark against these blocked programs. Once you are comfortable, you can delete these programs using approach one.
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  1. ty ur post helped me a lot

  2. it’s really comprehensive
    thanks a lot….

  3. Yes, because I totally have memorised the folder location of my “start up folder”…..
    Take 2 seconds to write the pathway so we aren’t forced to either choose number two or Google a better source.

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