May 152008

What is PHP? PHP is extremely popular free scripting language used for adding dynamic functionality to web pages. It can be embedded in html. Web server needs to be PHP enabled for processing PHP. PHP is a server side language which means browsers can not interpret PHP. Web server automatically parses PHP code (PHP must [...]

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May 132008

What is CSS? CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is way of defining appearance and layout of multiple web pages (or entire website if you like) in one central place. Style sheet defines how html elements are displayed and is generally saved as external .css file. The approach helps in changing feel and look of whole website [...]

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Apr 242008
Wikipedia Discussions – Leave Comments on Wikipedia Articles

It will be great if We could leave comments on Wikipedia articles and engage in the discussion, is there way to do it? Wikipedia discussions (Also called Wikipedia talk Page) are great yet less known feature of Wikipedia. We can discuss article, read the discussion on the topic, suggest improvements on the article, and show [...]

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Apr 082008
Website Branding with Favicon

Favicon (Also called Website Icon, Favourites Icon or URLIcon) is simply an icon associated with a website. This is typically a 16×16 image with ICO extension. Web browser display favicon before Web page URL in Address bar and bookmark title in the list of bookmarks.

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Apr 032008
URI URL URN - Relationship

What is URI (Uniform Resource Identifier)? URI is a method of identifying a unit of content on the internet. Content can be text page, image file, audio or video file or anything that exist on the web. Other methods (Such as URL or URN) are subset of URI.

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