Feb 142013

Are you looking for a way to read djvu file using open source utility? .djvu is a new file format similar to pdf format for scanning and reading documents.  To open and read files you need a djvu reader similar to Adobe Reader.

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Aug 302009
What is Object Linking and Embedding (OLE)

OLE is technology developed by Microsoft to make different programs interact with each other to make each program more useful and visually appealing. OLE object can be embedded into different application; they however retain original format and link to originating program.

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Jul 112009
Steps for Migrating AdSense Manager to Advertising Manager Plugin in WordPress

AdSense Manager WordPress Plugin is being rebranded and developed as Advertising Manager Plug in now. If you have upgraded WordPress, then you might have noticed a massage at the top “AdSense Manager is now being developed as Advertising Manager for WordPress 2.5 and up. It is recommended you download and install today”. Follow these steps [...]

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