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icopy 300x84 Create free Photocopier imageIf you have a scanner and printer but no photocopy machine, you can create photocopier using free open source software iCopy.

Simply download iCopy, attach scanner and printer to your computer and you have a simple yet powerful photocopy solution.

Just see how powerful this free software is

  • You can choose Scanner/Printer, if you have multiple Scanners/Printers attached.
  • You can adjust image quality like Brightness, Contrast, and Resolution. You can also scale your document.
  • You can see preview of the document, before printing. It will save you from making bad copy. You can adjust document and quality before printing.
  • You can scan multiple pages before printing. So if you have lots of pages for photocopies, you can scan all pages and then print them. So you don’t have to wait for if you have slow printer.
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