Feb 022008

Who do you use as your domain name registrar? Now, your best option is Google.

Well, Google doesn’t sell Domain Names. But Google has partnered with Godaddy and Enom (two top domain name registrar) for selling domain names.

Why would you use Google rather than going directly with Godaddy?

  • For the same price, you get free private registration. Godaddy charges extra for this feature. For the people who are wondering what private registration is, it is a feature that hides your contact information and personal details from showing up in whois database. Whois is an online directory of all the domain names. By default, all the registrations are public registration. You could be a target for spammers without private registration.
  • Google offers free online apps for your domain, which includes email accounts, calendar, chat, web hosting, docs and spreadsheets. You can also get these for free without having to buy domain from Google. But if you sign up thru Google, your domain will automatically be configured to use with free Google apps.
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