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Firefox Web developer plug in is one of the must have tools for every web developer and designer. There are tonnes of important features that would help and ease web development. Here are some of the features of this powerful Firefox extension.

  • View and Edit CSS – You can test CSS changes without having to touch CSS file. Once you are satisfied with changes, copy the changes to CSS file. (CSS -> Edit CSS)
  • Measure Objects – Want to know size and position of objects, you can use toolbar Ruler. (Miscellaneous -> Display Ruler)
  • Display Block Size – This option allows you to see size of different blocks on a webpage.
  • Validate External Links – If you have had your website for some time, some of the external links may not be working. Find out broken links. (Tools -> Validate Links)
  • Display Individual Styles - You can display CSS for an element (CSS -> View Style Information)
  • Test Screen Sizes - View website in different screen sizes and make sure it looks good. (Resize -> Resize Window)
  • Image Information - You can find out information about images such as dimension, size, path etc. (Images -> Display functions)
  • Broken Images – Discover broken images. (Image -> Find Broken Images)
  • Disable Options – Test website with certain options disabled such as java, java script etc. This will help you understand behavior of your website if user has disabled these options. (Disable -> various functions)
  • Display Colors – View colors and hex codes a website is using (Information -> View Color Information)
  • Meta Tags - View Meta tags (Information -> View Meta tags Information)
  • Validations – You can validate HTML, Feed, CSS etc using W3C Validation tools (Tools -> Validate functions)
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