May 212009

Post Plugin Library is the base for installing number of other plugins to generate Similar Posts, Recent Posts, Random Posts, Popular Posts, and Recent Comments. This plugin is the prerequisite for installing all other wonderful Plugins.

Similar Posts Plugin can be used to generate a list of related posts according to title, content, tags etc. The weight to these factors can be customized.

Recent Posts plugin generates list of recent posts posted to the blog. You can specify how many posts you want to display.

Random Posts plugin generates a list of random posts to be displayed on your blog.

Popular Posts plugin generates a list of posts with highest views.

Recent Comments plugin generates a list of recent comments posted to the blog.

These lists are highly configurable. You can configure

  • Number of posts to show
  • Number of posts to skip – Helps you skip number of posts. For example you may want to skip last 10 posts as you already show 10 posts on your homepage.
  • Omit Current Post – Really useful for Similar Posts Plugin
  • Ignore Posts Older or Newer than – Helps if you want to display list for a specific date range.
  • Posts to Exclude – Excludes certain posts from showing up
  • Posts to Include – Restricts output to certain posts
  • Tag – Restricts list by tags
  • Category – Restricts list by Category

…and practically any other options possible.

The plugins are one of the most configurable WordPress plugin.

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