Mar 292009

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a term used to define best practices and best ways a business should handle the current and prospective customers. CRM Software helps business achieve CRM objectives.
There are multiple technologies/modules used to achieve CRM objectives. A Call Center is used to handle Customer Complaints, Support and Billing queries. CRM Software also involves running marketing campaign. Scripting concept is used to guide the sales agent to ask intelligent questions. Enterprise Marketing Campaign is used to identify and target prospective customers for Campaign. Sales Force automation is implemented to help the sales team by keeping track of Business Accounts and Contacts. eCRM can be implemented to provide Sales people access to CRM thru internet. All these modules make up Operational CRM.

Analytical CRM can be implemented to provide intelligent analysis to the management for better decision making and reducing performance load on Operational CRM. A Data warehouse is implemented to support analytics. A data warehouse can collect data from Operational CRM and other Transactional systems (ERP etc). Data mining techniques can be used to predict behaviour of prospective customer based on past data and customer behavior.

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