Oct 102009

There are various techniques that can be used for collecting project requirements.

  1. Interviews – Interviewing stakeholders, Subject Matter experts etc to collect information and identify requirements
  2. Focus Groups – Create a group of qualified stakeholders and SMEs and collect requirements thru moderated workshop.
  3. Facilitated Workshops – Creating a group of cross functional stakeholders and collect requirements thru facilitated workshops.
  4. Group Creativity Techniques -
    • Brainstorming – Collecting ideas
    • Nominal Group Technique – Ideas collected thru Brainstorming go thru a voting process for prioritization and further discussion.
    • The Delphi Technique – Selected experts answer questionnaire to provide further feedback on collected requirements. The responses are only available to moderator for anonymity.
    • Idea/Mind Mapping – Requirements collected are organized into a single map to show commonality and differences, and to generate new ideas.
    • Affinity diagram – Requirements are sorted into groups for further focused discussions.
  5. Group Decision Making – Alternatives are assessed to decide on the best course of action.
    • Unanimity – Everyone agrees
    • Majority – More that 50% agree.
    • Plurality – Largest group agree.
    • Dictatorship – One individual decides.
  6. Questionnaire and Surveys – helps with large audience. Specifically advantageous in generating statistical analysis.
  7. Observations – or Job shadowing is used to observe behaviour of end users to uncover hidden requirements
  8. Prototypes – Mock-up is created early to receive feedback and uncover requirements and issues.
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