Feb 102008

As we know https is more secured, why do websites use http anyway?

One reason is that https cost more. Another reason is it slows down the website since it encrypts and decrypts every communication a web user sends or receives.

You can place all websites in three categories

  1. Least Security – These websites use http throughout. Most internet forums will probably fall into this category. Because these are open discussion forums, secured access is generally not required
  2. Medium Security – These websites use https, when you sign in (when you enter your id and password) and use http once you are logged in. Google and Yahoo are example of such sites. MSN (or Hotmail) provides you with an option to use http or https protocol. You can choose ‘Use enhanced security’ option for https or ‘Use standard security’ option for http.
  3. Highest security – These websites use https throughout. Most financial institutions fall into this category. Try logging to your bank or credit card company’s website, you will see https protocol being used throughout.

Tip – It is good idea to keep different password for least secured website. So, just in case it is stolen, your secured website will still be safe.

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  2. Which database is good for OLTP ?

    Is it Oracle or SQL?

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