Mar 262008

Hubpages is another Web Publishing Service similar to Squidoo. Publishers are called Hubbers. Published Web Pages are called Hubs. You can add different Capsules (similar to Modules in Squidoo). Capsules can be Text, Video, Links, Photos. Hubpages allow monetization using adsense, ebay, and amazon.

Both these services are quite similar and use different terms for similar things such as Lens vs Hubs, Lensmaster vs Hubber, Lensrank vs Hubscore, Modules vs capsules etc.

Here are key differences between Hubpages and Squidoo

  • Squidoo has much more options than Hubpages for adding modules. There are many more monetization modules such as Netflix, Café Press etc in Squidoo. Hubpages has only adsense, ebay and Amazon.
  • Hubpages require signing up with adsense, ebay and Amazon directly. Squidoo uses its own id and shares revenue. So, it is much faster to start with Squidoo. Also, you can see all your income and stats from Squidoo dashboard. With Hubpages you need to check your income with these partners.
  • Squidoo shares revenue with you 50-50. Hubpages gives you 100% revenue from clicks and affiliate sales and 60% revenue from pageviews. So, hubpages revenue sharing is much more aggressive than Squidoo.

You can try Hubpages.

  8 Responses to “Hubpages vs Squidoo”

  1. Hubpages will not give you 100% revenue. They share the revenue by ad-serve ratio. For example, if there are 10 ad-serves (page views), 6 times the user’s ads will served and 4 times the hubpage’s ads will serve. I am not sure about the correct ratio, but there is a ratio.


  2. You are right Senthil. Initially, Hubpages was sharing 100% of revenue with Hubbers. However, it seems the sharing is now 60% to Hubbers and 40% to Hubpages.

  3. There is no need to compare them they are both useful and effective in there on way.

  4. I use both sites. I have 55 lenses and about 26 Hubs. I earn a lot more money using Squidoo. They are both great for SEO link building, but when it comes to passive income-Squidoo is my money maker.

    There’s nothing like passive income…


  5. I was trying to find out more about how much hubpages take, I was thinking I got ‘everything’ as they do not have any info (like squidoo do) on how much they take for this, that and the other.

  6. I like them both but I would say if I had to pick, hubpages

  7. I like them both, but I get better pagerank with hubpages and make more money with squidoo!

  8. Thanks for the article. I’m gonna try both.

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