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norton toolbar firefox 3 Norton Toolbar for Firefox 3 fix released imageNorton released the toolbar for Firefox3. So the wait for all the Norton tools including Norton Internet Security, Identity Safe, Phishing protection etc is finally over. Run the live update and Norton toolbar should be available for firefox. Simply select Show Norton Toolbar.

If you are still facing issue, here is what you can do

  • The patch is released for Norton Internet Security (NIS) 15.5, so make sure you are running the current version of NIS. You can check the version by going to Norton Protection Center -> Help & Support -> About -> Norton Internet Security (Tab). The version should be 15.5.x.x (current version is If you are running older version of NIS, download current version and then run live update to receive the fix .
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  2. Great, I got my Norton toolbar back.

  3. I downloaded the patch from Norton for Firefox 3. It took a long time to update but all my tool bars are back and working great. It just feels good when something finally works out.

  4. I downloaded EVERYTHING, yet when I go to check to see if it had updated, it didn’t.

  5. Amy, Once you run the downloaded exe file, you should have current version of NIS. You can then run Live update to receive Firefox 3 patch.

  6. Where do you download the patch from?

  7. Tracy, Patch is distributed thru Live Updates. If you run live update you should receive the patch, if you have correct version of NIS.

  8. I got it thanks

  9. i got the correct version…. i ran the update, nothing..help!!!!

  10. Kevin, You are probably using version 3.5 and not version 3. Fix for version 3.5 is not yet available.

  11. I’ve lost my Norton 360 toolbar when I updated Firefox from version 3.5 to 3.6 …..how do I get this back? I’m scared to click on links when I don’t have the green check mark from Norton toolbar saying it’s a safe site….,

  12. anybody knows whats happening with 3.6?

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