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Stakeholder is everybody who is involved in the project or whose work or interest might be affected by Project.

Stakeholders may have varied level of interest, involvement, and influence on the project. It is extremely important to identify all the stakeholders and manage them as Stakeholders can have negative and positive influence on the project. The stakeholders can include Customer, End Users, Sponsor, Program manager, Portfolio Manager, PMO, Project manager, Project Team, Functional Managers, Operation Managers, Sellers, Vendors, Legal department.

Customers/End Users – These are people who will be using the Project output.

Sponsor – Sponsor is the person or a Group, who generally provide financial support and act as the advocate of the project. Sponsors act as escalation path for the issues that Project Manager can not handle. Sponsor provides key input to the scope and project charter. Charter is then signed by Senior Management.

Portfolio Manager – Portfolio Manager might increase or decrease the priority of the project and might be involved in the selection of project by looking at ROI.

Program Manager – Provides support and oversight to the project.

Project Management Office – Might provide support and guidance to Project Management team.

Project Manager – Key person responsible for achieving Project objectives by managing key constraints.

Project Team – All team members involved in the project including Project Manager, Project management team members, and Other team members.

Functional managers - Provides functional resources for functional expertise in the project.

Operational Manager – Includes key Business area in the organization. After closing, Project outcome is handed over to Operational Manager.

Sellers/Vendors – Provides external service or expertise to the project.

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