May 062011

Scenarios are assigned to ledgers and determine which fields are updated when postings are received from different modules.

Standard SAP comes with 6 scenarios. You can’t create customer specific scenarios. You can, however, use custom fields if required while assigning scenario to GL.

All six scenarios can be assigned to a ledger; however this will impact the performance. More totals records will be created in Total table and writing/retrieving data will be slower.

Data Entry vs General Ledger view

In New G/L each document will have 2 views for display. Data Entry view is same as Classic G/L display. General Ledger view is enhanced view and displays fields updated because of assigned scenarios. You can also choose ledger here to see document in each ledger.

Scenarios and fields updated

Business Area Scenario – Sender Business Area and Receiver Business area

Profit Center Update Scenario – Profit Center and Partner Profit Center

Segmentation Scenario – Segment, Partner Segment, and Profit Center

Preparation for Consolidation Scenario – Consolidation Transaction Type and Trading Partner

Cost of Sales Accounting Scenario – Sender Functional Area and Receiver Functional Area

Cost Center Update Scenario – Sender Cost Center and Receiver Cost Center

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