May 122008

With MYSAP ERP releases (ECC 5.0 onwards) SAP introduced New GL functionality. Most of the User interfaces and transactions remain same, however internal architecture and available functionality has changed significantly.

Need for the Changes
SAP mentions need to satisfy various accounting principles quickly, faster period end close, supporting management and segment reporting and reconcile data in real time as some of the reasons for New and enhanced functionality. All of these are valid reasons.

When SAP introduced G/L functionality in R/3, there was a clear demarcation between Financial Accounting (FI) and Controlling (CO) modules and it was stressed that FI is to be used only for external reporting and CO to be used for internal reporting. Business users always had tough time over this difference because accounting department has always seen these two functions as one. Also, accounting landscape has changed over the period of time and standard SAP functionality was not able to meet the requirements. SAP clients came up with all kind of innovative solutions including modifying standard system. As, it is always a bad idea to anger people with money (Finance department), New G/L attempts to satisfy financial users by giving them a single unified tool for all the reporting needs.

Architectural changes
Ledger Concept - Earlier Business had to deal with different ledgers in different modules. Classic G/L Ledger for legal reporting, Reconciliation ledger to reconcile CO with FI, COGS ledger for Cost of Sales accounting, Special Purpose Ledgers to meet special reporting requirements. Users had to run thru all these different modules to extract reports. FI and CO also had to be manually reconciled. Now, all these ledgers are combined in G/L by introducing parallel ledger concepts. Leading Ledger is assigned to all Company Codes and Non Leading ledgers can be assigned to individual company codes to meet specific requirements. Leading Ledger is the similar to Classic G/L ledgers. There can be only one leading ledgers. All the data from other modules such as Controlling and sub-ledgers such as AA, AP, AR flows to leading ledgers.

Segment - Segment can be used to create financial statement at level other than Company Code. Once segments are activated, Profit center master data will have a new field for Segment assignment.

Document Splitting -Document splitting concept was introduced to find missing account assignments like Profit Center and Segment for balance sheet items. That way financial statement can be prepared at profit center and Segment level.

Scenarios -Scenarios defines fields which are updated in Ledger during the posting such as Cost center scenario, profit center scenario.

Key Tables
BKPF, BSIK, BSIS, BSID, BSAK, BSAS, BSAD – Used in New G/L the same way as before

BSEG – Items affecting Leading ledger

BSEG_ADD – Items affecting Non leading ledger

FAGLFLEXA – Actual split line items

FAGLFLEXP – Planned split line items

FAGLFLEXT – Total for split line items

GLT0, GLPCA, GLPCP, GLPCT – No longer used

Migration to New GL accounting
Migration should be planned very carefully. SAP has introduced a 3 Phase approach for migration.

Key dates are

Migration date – End of Phase 0 and Start of Phase 1 (Last date of current Fiscal year)

Activation Date – End of Phase 1 and Start of Phase 2

Phases are

Phase 0 – Analyse system, crate blueprint, and prepare for phase1. You can split the document in this phase.

Phase 1 – You customize changes for New GL in this phase, Validate document splitting and perform actual migration at end of phase 1.

Phase 2 – Start using New GL.

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