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Here are tips and best practices on keeping PC secured.

  • Install and maintain security software that protects PC from Malwares (Virus, Spyware, Worm, Trojan etc).
  • Run frequent updates and keep virus and spyware definitions current.
  • Scan your computer often for malwares.
  • Use Personal firewall and only allow communication to programs, you trust.
  • Use administrator account only when required. For day to day activities use limited access account. This will help protect the computer if you accidentally open a bad email attachment, click a bad hyperlink, or browse a malicious website.
  • Keep automatic updates ON for Operating System. These updates include security features update too and will help fix any security vulnerability before it is exploited by hackers.
  • Use strong passwords that are not easy to hack and not easy to guess.
  • Avoid clicking random links and visiting random website.
  • Avoid opening email attachment from unknown sources.
  • Do not download unknown software on your computer.
  • Perform frequent back up of your data. So, your PC can be recovered if something bad happens to your computer.
  • Remove data securely from computer. If you are going to sell your PC or hard drive, make sure you wipe the data and not just delete the data.
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