Aug 122008

Ever came across text links on a webpage which cannot be clicked. It is frustrating to copy and past these links in address bar. It is even more annoying if you have to go thru a list of hyperlinks. Linkification is Firefox add-on that can convert these text links into clickable links. Continue reading »

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Aug 042008

Googlepedia is a Firefox add-on that will display a relevant article from Wikipedia along side Google search results. This is a really useful extension if you like to read Wikipedia overview of the topic while searching or like to see Google search results for the Wikipedia internal links.

Here are key features of the extension Continue reading »

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Jul 072008

foxmarks 300x141 Foxmarks – Best Bookmark Syncing Firefox Plug in imageIf you work on multiple computers, you need a Plug-in that can synchronize bookmarks. Foxmarks is an excellent plug-in for syncing bookmarks. There are other plug-ins for synchronizing Bookmarks, history, passwords, cookies etc. But when it comes to synchronizing bookmarks (and only bookmarks), Foxmarks is outstanding. Continue reading »

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