Jul 292009

Yahoo and Microsoft announced a search deal. Bing (from Microsoft) becomes search engine behind Yahoo. Yahoo gets the ad revenue share and saves money not having to build search. Microsoft gets Yahoo search traffic. With the announcement, Yahoo goes back to being a Portal Company. The deal is the biggest development in Search Arena in years. Continue reading »

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Dec 162008
What is VBA

Microsoft Office documents (Excel, Word etc) are shipped with extensive functionality which is more than enough for most users. But there may be a need for enhancement to these applications or automate certain tasks that standard versions of these software are not equipped with. For this purpose, Microsoft applications include a programming environment to add new functions to standard application. Continue reading »

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Nov 082008

Microsoft introduced new format with Office 2007. Word 2007 saves file as .docx. Excel 2007 saves file as .xlsx and so on. But most of the world is still using old versions of Office. These people might have trouble accessing your files. So, for the time being it might still make sense to save files in old doc or xls format. Continue reading »

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