Apr 172008

Free Software is similar to Open Source. Users must be able to freely use, study, copy, redistribute, modify, and publish modified versions of the software. Here free means Freedom to use rather than Free in price (as in Freewares). Both Free and Open Source have similar objectives but differ on which term is better to covey these objectives. Continue reading »

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Apr 152008

Open Source is a method of developing software in which Source Code is openly and freely available to use. This is different than Propriety or Closed Source Software where Source Code is not available at all or not available to copy and modify. Open Source Software is generally developed publicly in collaborative manner. Linux, Apache, Mozilla Firefox are some of the popular Open Source Software. Continue reading »

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Mar 032008

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a software system that allows companies to integrate their internal functions, such as Manufacturing, Production Planning, Finance, Sales, Service, Engineering, HR etc, around a common corporate database. In many companies, all these departments run their own software applications that are not properly integrated. Continue reading »

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Feb 032008

Some Scanners don’t come with free Scanning Software. You are than expected to buy another expensive Scanner Software. If your Operating System doesn’t come with Free Scanner Software (For example Windows XP Home and Windows Vista Home doesn’t come loaded with Scanner and Camera wizard), you can use iCopy to Scan. iCopy was designed to be used as Photocopier, but the software also has ‘Scan to file’ option. Continue reading »

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