Jul 242008

There have been some discussions in blogsphere about Google trying to compete with Content producers. Knol is Google’s online article publishing service. Anybody can write article for free and earn ad revenue. Knol was recently opened for everybody after being announced last year. Many blogs have reacted strongly (Recently Problogger, Journalistopia, and earlier on Tech Crunch, Search Engine Land), on Google becoming a direct competitor to publishing partners. Is Knol in direct competition with Blogs and Media companies and is it fair? Continue reading »

Jul 232008

Google opened Knol to everybody after announcing it last year. Knol is another free web publishing tool in which author can earn ad money. Main point Google is trying to stress here is focus on authors. Moderated collaboration is allowed and encouraged.

Most Blogs (TC, SEL) are comparing Knol with Wikipedia because of collaboration features. Knol is more like Squidoo or Hubpages. Continue reading »

Mar 242008

Here is a Comparison of Squidoo with other publishing platform Squidoo vs Blogging and Squidoo vs Wikipedia?

What is Squidoo?
Squidoo is website that makes it easy for everybody to publish content, articles, ideas, lists, opinion or just everything. Publisher is called Lensmaster. Published web page is called lens. You can add different modules to give your page unique look. Modules can be content modules (Text, Introduction, Photos etc), interaction modules (Comments, Poll, Guest book etc), money making modules (eBay, Amazon, Café Press etc) and modules in other categories. Squidoo splits money from ads and affiliate sales 50-50 with Lensmasters. Continue reading »