Sep 272009

With recent versions of WordPress the error message has started displaying in Dashboard.

“Fatal Error: Allowed memory size of XXXXXX bytes exhausted (tried to allocate YYYY bytes)”

By default WordPress tries to allocate 32MB to PHP. You would need to manually increase the allocated memory to fix the error. Continue reading »

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Jul 112009

AdSense Manager WordPress Plugin is being rebranded and developed as Advertising Manager Plug in now. If you have upgraded WordPress, then you might have noticed a massage at the top “AdSense Manager is now being developed as Advertising Manager for WordPress 2.5 and up. It is recommended you download and install today”. Follow these steps to switch to Advertising Manager Plugin. Continue reading »

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May 212009

Post Plugin Library is the base for installing number of other plugins to generate Similar Posts, Recent Posts, Random Posts, Popular Posts, and Recent Comments. This plugin is the prerequisite for installing all other wonderful Plugins. Continue reading »

May 092009

Akismet is Comment Spam protection service from Automattic. Akismet is primarily used as plugin for Wordrpress, but can also be used on number of web publishing platforms. Need convincing to install Akismet, head on to the Stat. Akismet protects you from Spam (Orange), while allowing legitimate comments. Continue reading »

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Jul 312008

WordPress Automatic Upgrade Plug in (WAUP) is an amazing plugin that can quickly upgrade the blog to the latest version. It follows recommended process for WordPress Blog upgrade which includes backing up blog (WP files and database), deactivating plugins, replacing files with current versions and then reactivating plug-ins. Continue reading »

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