Mar 242008

Here is a Comparison of Squidoo with other publishing platform Squidoo vs Blogging and Squidoo vs Wikipedia?

SquidooWhat is Squidoo?

Squidoo is website that makes it easy for everybody to publish content, articles, ideas, lists, opinion or just everything. Publisher is called Lensmaster. Published web page is called lens. You can add different modules to give your page unique look. Modules can be content modules (Text, Introduction, Photos etc), interaction modules (Comments, Poll, Guest book etc), money making modules (eBay, Amazon, Café Press etc) and modules in other categories. Squidoo splits money from ads and affiliate sales 50-50 with Lensmasters.

But I can do all this with Blog?

Of course, you can. Squidoo is just a different kind of publishing platform. With Blog you start from scratch, build it slowly, market it, and build a community. All this is very satisfying experience but requires a great amount of time and efforts. Squidoo comes with all the initial work done; you get a community, web page creation tools and all the ways to monetize your lens.

Think of Blog as a new independent business and Squidoo as a franchise business. You get all the control over your blog but it involves lot more efforts. You get limited control over lens but it involves less efforts. You get power of Squidoo brand and Search Engine Ranking, but you also get penalized if anything goes wrong with Squidoo (Google recently penalized Squidoo because many Lensmasters were spamming). Squidoo has a great team, and issues will be eventually tackled, but it might still hurt you for sometime.

Will Squidoo beat Wikipedia?

Squidoo and Wikipedia are very different. Wikipedia is all about collaboration. Squidoo is all about individuals publishing their own opinion. On Wikipedia, you can have only one article about a topic. On Squidoo, you can have 100s of articles on the same topic. Squidoo shares revenue with publishers, Wikipedia does not. The fact is there can be more sites like Squidoo and might pull publishers by providing better platform, better revenue or better brand. But it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to beat Wikipedia.

Hubpages later acquired Squidoo.

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