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Is Google artificially increasing ranking for Knol?

After few days of launching Knol, Google is being criticized for artificially increasing ranking of Knol articles. I decided to take a look at Yahoo ranking for these keywords.

Knol – More of Squidoo and Less of Wikipedia

Google opened Knol to everybody after announcing it last year. Knol is another free web publishing tool in which author can earn ad money. Main point Google is trying to stress here is focus on authors. Moderated collaboration is allowed and encouraged.

Google Custom Search vs Google Site Search

Custom Search Engine (CSE) is the core technology for the entire Google’s customized search initiatives. This technology is used with some modifications in Google Site Search and Google Adsense for Search and will probably be used for any new initiatives Google undertakes in Customized search area.

How to choose a CMS?

CMS (Content Management System) is a software (or application) that provides a framework to manage website content. Based on the requirements and expectations, CMS can range from a very simple application for managing few static web pages to a very complex application for managing dynamically changing pages, different kind of media files and electronic documents, managing users with varying authority and managing workflow.

Types of CMS

There is huge number of Content Management System available today and many more entering the market. Some of them are free and open source while others are propriety and commercial. Some of them target a small niche content type while others try to target everything.

Encyclopaedia Britannica – Webshare and Widget Program

Britannica opened up online Encyclopedia for Web Publishers for free access and article sharing.
Founded in 1768, Britannica is a reputed and trustworthy General Encyclopaedia, edited with the help of few editors and many Expert Contributors. Few of the Contributors are Noble Prize Winners. Britannica’s model has been challenged by Wikipedia, which can be edited and read by anybody. Britannica can be edited by only a closed group of editors and contributors and follows a subscription based business model.

Free Software vs Open Source Software vs Freeware

Open Source is a method of developing software in which Source Code is openly and freely available to use. This is different from Propriety or Closed Source Software where Source Code is not available at all or not available to copy and modify. Open Source Software is generally developed publicly in collaborative way. Linux, Apache, Mozilla Firefox are some of the popular Open Source Software.

OpenID - Single Digital Identity

What is OpenID? OpenID is a free and decentralized open standard that let internet user logon to multiple websites using single digital identity and therefore eliminates need for multiple ids and passwords.

Craigslist is a mirror of our Community

According to Techcrunch article this morning, somebody posted to sell everything in an Oregon house on Craigslist. It turns that it was an evil act. The house belonged to Robert and the ad was posted while Robert was away. People took his belongings including his horse. When he arrived home people even refused to return the stuff showing ad printout. Techcrunch discusses the possibility of getting Craigslist to pay settlement. But there is more to look into.

What is Trackback and Trackback Ping Functionality

Blogging changed web publishing industry. The change was revolutionary as it allowed every reader to become publisher. One of the important aspects of blogging is to connect to other bloggers and link to other relevant articles. This linking helps the linking blogger to provide more value to readers. It would also be useful to the readers of linked blog to be able to see how the article is discussed in other blogs. Trackback functionality aims to achieve this.

Why Squidoo?

Here is a Comparison of Squidoo with other publishing platform Squidoo vs Blogging and Squidoo vs Wikipedia?

Block Startup programs in Windows

If it takes very long time for your PC to boot up, chances are that you have large number of programs in your start up folder. Having too many programs automatically start with every boot is not only big time waster but quite annoying experience as well.

There are two ways to remove programs from automatically starting with Windows boot..