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Craigslist is a mirror of our Community

According to Techcrunch article this morning, somebody posted to sell everything in an Oregon house on Craigslist. It turns that it was an evil act. The house belonged to Robert and the ad was posted while Robert was away. People took his belongings including his horse. When he arrived home people even refused to return the stuff showing ad printout. Techcrunch discusses the possibility of getting Craigslist to pay settlement. But there is more to look into.

What is Trackback and Trackback Ping Functionality

Blogging changed web publishing industry. The change was revolutionary as it allowed every reader to become publisher. One of the important aspects of blogging is to connect to other bloggers and link to other relevant articles. This linking helps the linking blogger to provide more value to readers. It would also be useful to the readers of linked blog to be able to see how the article is discussed in other blogs. Trackback functionality aims to achieve this.

Why Squidoo?

Here is a Comparison of Squidoo with other publishing platform Squidoo vs Blogging and Squidoo vs Wikipedia?