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Encyclopaedia Britannica – Webshare and Widget Program

Britannica opened up online Encyclopedia for Web Publishers for free access and article sharing.
Founded in 1768, Britannica is a reputed and trustworthy General Encyclopaedia, edited with the help of few editors and many Expert Contributors. Few of the Contributors are Noble Prize Winners. Britannica’s model has been challenged by Wikipedia, which can be edited and read by anybody. Britannica can be edited by only a closed group of editors and contributors and follows a subscription based business model.

Free Software vs Open Source Software vs Freeware

Open Source is a method of developing software in which Source Code is openly and freely available to use. This is different from Propriety or Closed Source Software where Source Code is not available at all or not available to copy and modify. Open Source Software is generally developed publicly in collaborative way. Linux, Apache, Mozilla Firefox are some of the popular Open Source Software.

OpenID - Single Digital Identity

What is OpenID? OpenID is a free and decentralized open standard that let internet user logon to multiple websites using single digital identity and therefore eliminates need for multiple ids and passwords.