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List of PMP Sample questions, Mock test, 35 Contact Hours Training

Gathering PMP exam preparation resources can be overwhelming. You need to go thru PMBOK, Books, Sample Exams, and 35 Contact Hours training. Cost of all these can add up quickly. Here we go through some of the free and low cost options available on the internet. PMP is based on PMBOK.

Types of Websites in Social Web

Social Web is new set of websites or new features in existing websites that enable social interactions of the internet. Here we cover different types of websites that are fundamental to Social Web.

Best Free Online Storage Space Services to backup files

Online storage is great way to save your files on web server. You will have a back up of your files in case your local drive crashes. You have the advantage of accessing file anywhere with access to internet. Here are few services to look at


OLTP (Online transaction processing system) is a traditional term used for transaction system used to carry out day to day business functions such as ERP, CRM etc. OLTP system solved a critical business problem of automating daily business functions and running real time reports and analysis. But these systems were not designed for analysis and queries. Frustration started to build in Business management as OLTP systems could not provide the analysis on the data. Resource heavy management analytical queries started to affect performance of OLTP systems and users of OLTP system also got frustrated.

Complete Guide to Security Best Practices for PC

We are getting more connected online and business continue to move to internet. Threats of online exploits and Indentity thefts is increasing. It is important to be aware of different types of security threats.