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Types of Websites in Social Web

Social Web is new set of websites or new features in existing websites that enable social interactions of the internet. Here we cover different types of websites that are fundamental to Social Web.

Social Media Websites

In past few years, It seems everything is preceded with the word ‘Social’ to create a buzz word. Social Media is new form of media that encourages User Collaboration and User generated content. Social Media and Social Web can be used interchangeably.

Wikis, Blogs and Forums are used for creating user generated content. Social bookmarking and Social networking sites are all examples of new media. In Social Media, Readers become contributors also.

Wikipedia is an example of using user participation to generate high quality content. Digg is an example of using power of people to discover great news stories.

Social Networking Websites

What is Social networking site? A Social networking website provides online users with a way to connect with other people using variety of methods and variety of ways. Social networking is a very old concept, where a person use contacts to find more contacts to build social circle. But it has been difficult process. With the ease of social networking sites, now everyone can find new or old out of touch contacts for social or professional purpose.

Facebook and MySpace some of the most popular social networking websites.

Here is the list of top social networking sites.

Social Bookmarking Websites

Social Bookmarking Websites allow people to bookmark interesting links and articles from the web. Users can then vote or discuss these articles.

Bookmarking web-links is as old as Internet and has evolved over time. As internet was evolving, we needed to save links. First, this ability to save links was provided in web browsers. Problem with this approach was that bookmarks were saved on PC. So, when you were working on any other PC, you did not have access to your bookmarks. Then came online bookmarking which was provided using web accounts and online toolbars (Examples Google toolbar and Yahoo toolbar). This solved the problem of accessibility. However, now people wanted to share their bookmarks with others. This was the problem solved by Social bookmarking sites. An online social bookmark manager allows users to store, organize (using tags), share and discover web bookmarks.

Digg and Reddit are examples of Social Bookmarking sites.

Should you engage in Social Media Marketing (SMM)

User participation on Social Media websites has grown exponentially in some time.

What is Social Media Marketing? Social Media marketing is use of Social Media for promoting a brand. It could be a very powerful marketing tool, if used correctly. For example, if your article shows up on a front page of popular Social Bookmarking site like Digg, it has the potential of driving huge amount of traffic to your website. SMM is a form of viral marketing and can have long-lasting effects.

Here are direct and indirect impacts of a good SMM campaign

  • Brings traffic to your website (Direct)

  • Some of the traffic would become loyal visitor/subscriber of your website (Direct)

  • Some of the traffic will write about you and link to your site (Direct)

  • Links will send you more traffic (Indirect)

  • Links will establish authority and improve rankings of your website in Search Engines(Indirect)

  • Improved rankings in Search Engines will increase traffic you get from Search Engines (Indirect)

Viral effect of your campaign will continue for long time and will continue to bring natural good quality traffic to your website.


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