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List of PMP Sample questions, Mock test, 35 Contact Hours Training

Gathering PMP exam preparation resources can be overwhelming. You need to go thru PMBOK, Books, Sample Exams, and 35 Contact Hours training. Cost of all these can add up quickly. Here we go through some of the free and low cost options available on the internet. PMP is based on PMBOK.

What is PMBOK?

PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) is the globally recognized standard for Project Management Field. It is created and maintained by PMI Organization.

PMBOK provides a practices, tools and techniques that can be used in most projects. With PMBOK, PMI also intends to promote a common language to be used by Project Management Professionals.

PMBOK recommends 42 processes. These processes can be categorized into 5 Project Life Cycle Groups.

  • Initiating

  • Planning

  • Executing

  • Controlling and Monitoring

  • Closing

Processes can also be categorized into 9 Knowledge areas.

  • Integration Management

  • Scope Management

  • Time Management

  • Cost Management

  • Quality Management

  • Human Resource Management

  • Communication Management

  • Risk Management

  • Procurement Management

For each process, Common Input, Tools &Techniques, and Output are explained.

PMP 35 Contact Hours Training - Low Cost Options

There are various ways to receive 35 Contact Hours. This includes documenting Project Management training received during collage or during employment, attending class room or online training from Registered Education Provider or other Trainers. However, if you are looking to receive the training to meet requirements, here are few low cost options.

  • PM Prepcast – Costs 99$, Provides training thru good quality video tutorials.

  • PMStudy – Courses starting 89$,  Good quality practice questions and simulated test, Registered Education Provider.

  • Whizlabs – 4 Mock tests, Registered Education Provider, Need to pass tests with 61% marks to get certificate.

How to verify PMP REP (Registered Education Provider)?

Getting a training from REP (Registered Education provider) is a good way to meet 35 Contact Hour training requirement for PMP. However, sometimes Training institutes can falsely claim to be an REP.

One way to verify this is to check the company on PMI website. You can search by name or by REP Number.

Free PMBOK PMP Sample questions, Mock test, Simulated exam

Here is a list of free PMP exam preparation practice questions, and Simulators. I have tried to limit list to the ones that provide reasonable quantity of free questions.

Oliver’s Free online 75 questions test – Good quality 75 questions test

Oliver’s 175 questions test PDF download – Good quality 175 question test – 200 questions, No explanation for answers

headfirst simulated test – Good quality 200 qs test

pmstudy simulated test – Good quality 200 qs test

techfaq360 free 200q test – 200 qs mock test

pmpexamsimulator free demo - Free 50q demo

passpm 50qs demo test – Free 50 qs demo

pm-abc free simulated test – 100 qs test, good quality

certchamp 200qs – free 200qs

pmprepare 200 qs – free 200 qs

passionatepm free 200 qs – 200 qs


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