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GMAT Idiom List

GMAT exam has tendency to test same idioms again and again, Here is a comprehensive list of idioms for GMAT to help you prepare of idioms relates questions.

(no) more...than/(no) less...than
(the) same as
a consequence of
a lot
A Native of
A responsibility to
A result of
a sequence of
Able to/ability to
access to
Acclaimed as
According to
Account for
Accuse of
Acquaint with
acquiesce to
Adapted to/adapted for/adapted from
adhere to/be an adherent of
affinity for
agree to/agree with/agree on/agree upon
Aid in
aim at/aim for/aim to do
allergy to
Allocated to
Allow for
Amount to
appeal to someone for something/appeal against
Apply to
Argue over
as a means to
As a result of
as an instance of
As far/long as
As good as, or better than
as great as
as much as
As much with X as with Y
Associate X with Y
Assure that
At a disadvantage
Attempt to
attend to/attention to (someone)
attended by (not with)
Attest to
Attribute to/Attribute X (An effect) to Y(A cause)
authority on
Available to
based on
Because of
belief in
Believe to be/Believe X to be Y
Between X and Y
Both X and Y
Business ethics – Is a singular word
Call for
Capable of
care about (something)/care for (someone)
careful of/careful with/careful not to
centre on/centre around/centre of (attention)
chief of
Choice of
Collaborate with
collide with (not against)
Combined X with Y OR Combined X and Y
comment on/upon/about
compare to
Compare with
Compensate for
comply with
composed by (someone)/composed of (something)
comprise of
concerned for
concerned with
Conclude that
concur in (opinion)/concur on(something)/concur with (someone)
conducive to
conform to/in conformity with
Consequence of
Consider X…to be Y
Consist of
Consistent with
Continue to
Contrast with
Contribute to
Convert to
Cost of (something)/cost to (someone)
created with
Credit for
Credit with (not to)
credit X to Y
date from
Deal with
debate on
Defend against
Defined as
Delight by/with/in
Depend on
depends on whether
Depict as
Descend from
Descendent of
differ with someone differ from something
different from
difficult to
Discourage from
disgusted with
Distinguish between X and Y
Distinguish X from Y
Do something at the urging of somebody
draw on
enable to
Enamoured with
end with/end in
envious of
equal to (not as)
essential to
Estimated to/at
except for/except that
Expose to
Extend to
extent of
familiar with
fascinated by/with
Fluctuation in
Forbid to (not from)
forbid X to do Y
Frequency of
From X to Y
Hypothesize about/on/that
identical with
In an attempt to
In an effort to
in contrast to
in danger of
in order to
in search of
in violation of
independent from/of
infected with
inherit from
Insist on/upon/that
instead of
Intent on
introduce to
invest in
isolate from
jealous of
Just as,,,,,so
likened to
Mistake X for Y/Mistake for
more than ever
move away from
Native to
Need for
No less X than…
No sooner…than
not only...but also
Not so much ,,, as
Not so much to X…as to Y/ Not so much X as Y
Not X; but rather Y/not X but Y
opportunity for (noun)/opportunity to (verb)
opposed to
opposite of
participate in
Persuaded X to do Y
Plead guilty for
Potential for causing
potential to
preferable to
prevent from
prized by
profit by
prohibits X from doing Y/prohibit from
protect against
protest against/about
provide with/for
range from X to Y
Regard as
replace with/replaced by
require of/from/to
Require that X be Y
Respond to
responsibility to/for
Responsible for
result in/result from
retroactive to
So (adjective) as to (verb)
So (adjective)that
So as not to be hindered by
So X as to be Y
spend on/for
subject to
subscribe to
substitute X for Y
suffer from
superior to
suspicious of
Target at /as
tendency to
The body did as he was told(not”like”)
the same to X as to Y
They do not know X or Y(not “nor”)
Think of X as Y
tinker with
To be under pressure to
to contrast X with Y
to exchange X for Y
to mistake X for Y
To result in
to sacrifice X for Y
to try to fix
tolerant of
Transmit to
willing to
Worried about
X expected to Y
X is related to Y(not X is in relation to Y)
X is to… what…Y is to


  1. This site is an excellent resourcce for GMAT preparation. Especially with this list of idioms you are right on spot. Thanks!

  2. great compilation


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