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Screenshots - Copyright Infringement or Fair Use?

You are visiting a website or working on a web application. You like the website and suddenly feel that it might be a good idea to cover it in your blog. You quickly take a few screenshots, write an article on your blog, and include these screenshots in your article . Have you done anything wrong? The answer is... May be. You might have broken copyright protection law.

2 way vs. 3 way vs. 4 way match for PO Payments

In procure to pay cycle, you can mention different kind of match process as a precondition to payment to vendor. If the match is not successful, then the invoice will be on hold. The match issue will have to resolve before Invoice hold is removed, and Invoice can be paid.

How to Avoid Eye Strain from Your Computer Screen

Most of us work on computer all day long these days. It is important to make sure readability on screen is good to avoid eye strain. There are several ways to improve readability on your desktop monitor or laptop.

Types of ratings used to rate stocks

Ratings are most commonly used Call to action tool used for stock trading. Analysts use many ratings to rate the stocks.  This post covers different types of ratings used and what they mean.