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List of Key Concepts in SAP FICO

SAP FICO handles Finance and Accounting transactions for companies. Here are few key concepts in SAP FICO.

Sending Fax for free online

While the need for sending fax is down significantly in last few years, there are still times when we need to send fax. But there is no need to invest in expensive Fax Machine. You can send fax on line with few clicks.

PMP Exam Tips and Things to Keep in Mind during Exam

Like most other exams, PMP is also time constrained. So, it is important to understand what to expect during exam and how you can maximize your chances of achieving PMP.

Handling Multiple Currencies in SAP

SAP allows you to define 3 parallel currencies in addition to document currency. These currencies can be used for reporting valuation in different currencies.

List of Common Errors in SAP FICO With Solutions

When you run transactions you can encounter errors. These errors are usually missing configuration. Some of the most frequent errors with solutions are listed below.

Book Review: Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing

"Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing" is written by Robert Kiyosaki along with Sharon Lechter. Mr. Kiyosaki is a financial literary advocate and is best known for his “Rich Dad Poor Dad” series of book. Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing is 3rd in the Rich Dad series.

List of Top Must Have WordPress Plugins

WordPress is already the most powerful Blogging Software. WordPress constantly adds new features with every release. But there are times you would need a feature which is not available in standard version of WordPress. No Problem. There are thousands of Plugin to fill the gap. Here is the list of important Plugins to help you get best of your Blogging time.

Use of Transaction types for Asset Transactions in SAP

Transaction type is required for Asset transactions. Transaction type defines the type of transaction such as Acquisition, Retirement, and Transfer of Asset. Settings for how to process these transactions are also maintained in Transaction type.

Save Time With These Tips and Tricks in SAP

SAP is complex software with thousands of transactions to know and settings to configure. If you are SAP consultant, these tips and tricks will save you save time.

Handling Fixed Asset transfers in SAP AA

There are times when you would need to transfer assets either from legacy Non-SAP system to SAP system or from one company Code to another code within SAP.

Handling Fixed Asset Depreciation in SAP Asset Accounting

SAP Asset accounting module helps companies manage fixed assets throughout the life cycle of an asset from Acquisition to retirement. The module integrates with other modules such as FI, CO, and PS.

Handling Withholding Tax in SAP

Withholding tax is the tax that is charged during payment flow in some countries. It is calculated and posted to accounts at payment step, invoice step or whichever is earlier, based on Country law.

Book Review: The One Minute Entrepreneur

"One Minuter Entrepreneur" is written by three authors: Ken Blanchard, Don Hutson, and Ethan Willis. The book uses the story of a married couple Jud & Terri to convey short one-minute entrepreneurship advises. Some of the advises are

Organizational Structure in SAP

Organizational structure in SAP contains the elements necessary to manage and control the business. These organizational elements represent the legal, physical or managerial structure of a company. How we use SAP depends on underlying organizational structure.

Convert DJVU Files to PDF Format for Free

Are you looking for a way to convert djvu files to pdf files using free, simple and easy way? Here is a solution that can help you.

Alternative to Phone in/Phone out by Yahoo/Jajah Voice

On January 30 of 2013, Yahoo Messenger discontinued its Phone in (Phone to PC) and Phone Out (PC to Phone) services. I have checked several services that could fill the gap created by Yahoo.

Book Review: Your Money and Your Brain

“Your Money and Your Brain: How the New Science of Neuroeconomics Can Help Make You Rich” aims at getting inside your brain when you deal with money, so you can make better and rational decisions about your investments. The book is written by Jason Zweig - a veteran financial journalist.

Implement GPS not Analytics in your organization

Your organization has invested heavily in sophisticated analytics and BI technology, but are you using the power of analytics to the full extent? While you try to answer the question, compare your analytics solution with GPS.

Make and Receive International Calls with PC and Internet?

Many times you want to call international numbers or buy and international number so people can call you at affordable rates. If you have internet connection, you can do this easily for very little impact on your wallet.

Getting started with CRM

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a term used to define best practices and best ways a business should handle the current and prospective customers. CRM Software helps business achieve CRM objectives.

5 Things I Wish Google Analytics Improve

Google Anaytics is must have web analytics tool with tonnes of useful features. But there are few areas it can improve further. 5 areas where Google Analytics needs improvement are listed below.

What is ERP

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a software system that allows companies to integrate their internal functions, such as Manufacturing, Production Planning, Finance, Sales, Service, Engineering, HR etc, around a common corporate database. In many companies, all these departments run their own software applications that are not properly integrated.

5 Things I love about Google Analytics

If you are running a website, than Google Analytics is the web analytics tool that you should every day. Here are top five reasons I absolutely love Google Analytics.

Book Review: Consultant’s Guide to SAP SRM

Consultant’s Guide to SAP SRM is written by two very experienced SAP SRM consultants Padma Prasad Munirathinam (Prasad) and Ramakrishna Potluri (Ramki). The book is an implementation guide for SAP SRM implementation consultants.

Parties and Steps Involved in a Credit Card or P-Card Transactions

When you use a credit card or procurement card, you only see the merchant and your credit card issuers. Ever wondered who are the other parties involved?