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5 Things I Wish Google Analytics Improve

Google Anaytics is must have web analytics tool with tonnes of useful features. But there are few areas it can improve further. 5 areas where Google Analytics needs improvement are listed below.

1. Limited Visualizations

Visualizations really help understand and analyze complex data. While Google Analytics does have a few visualizations options such as time graph, motion chart, pie chart etc. This is an area which can be improved. A list of visualizations will help users analyze data better. This will be specifically useful for Dashboard functionality where users prefer to see the data quickly in the form of visualization.

2. Weak flat table report

While option of flat table report is a good move, I find this limited in use. Flat table, currently, can only use maximum 2 dimensions. This limits the use of flat table report as users will want to see data for more than one dimension in lot of cases. The limit should be removed or at least the limit should be increased to a minimum 5 dimensions.

3. Weak custom alert functionality

Alert functionality is also quite limited in use. Users can use only one dimension and one metric in alert condition. Multiple dimensions should be allowed using and/or conditions similar to filter conditions to use full potential of alert functionality.

4. Restrictions on comparison

Comparison functionality is also limited. Google Analytics usually allow 2 elements for comparison. If you want to compare date ranges, you are restricted to 2 date ranges. If you want to compare 2 metrics, you are restricted to 2 metrics again.

5. Composite Metric

This is one feature I wish Google include and improve. While I can include any metric in report, dashboard, or alert, sometimes I do not find right metric. So, let us say I want to add a dashboard widget for Page views per visit. I can add number of visits and page views. But If I could create a custom metric using Number of visits divided by Page views, it will be very helpful. This will simply multiply the usefulness of comprehensive metrics list.


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