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Convert DJVU Files to PDF Format for Free

Are you looking for a way to convert djvu files to pdf files using free, simple and easy way? Here is a solution that can help you.

Alternative to Phone in/Phone out by Yahoo/Jajah Voice

On January 30 of 2013, Yahoo Messenger discontinued its Phone in (Phone to PC) and Phone Out (PC to Phone) services. I have checked several services that could fill the gap created by Yahoo.

Book Review: Your Money and Your Brain

“Your Money and Your Brain: How the New Science of Neuroeconomics Can Help Make You Rich” aims at getting inside your brain when you deal with money, so you can make better and rational decisions about your investments. The book is written by Jason Zweig - a veteran financial journalist.

Implement GPS not Analytics in your organization

Your organization has invested heavily in sophisticated analytics and BI technology, but are you using the power of analytics to the full extent? While you try to answer the question, compare your analytics solution with GPS.